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The King in Love (2017)


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Judul: The King in Love (2017)
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Won, the crown prince of Goryeo, has a pretty appearance, but he also a lust for conquest. He is best friends with Rin who is a son from a royal family and his bodyguard. When beautiful San, the daughter of the richest man, appears in front of the two young men, the three become good friends, but things change after Won and Rin both fall in love with San.

  • Native title:

    왕은 사랑한다

  • Also Known as:

    Wangeun Saranghanda; The King is in Love; King Loves; The King Loves;

Daftar Pemain Drama The King Loves

Im Shi Wan as Wang Won
Nam Da Reum as young Won
Im Yoon Ah as Eun San
Lee Seo Yun as young Eun San
Hong Jong Hyun as Wang Rin
Yoon Chan Young as young Rin

Kim Jung Wook as Kim Nae Kwan
Bong Jae Ho (방재호) as Jin Kwan
Ki Do Hoon (기도훈) as Jang Hee

Lee Ki Young as Eun Young Baek
Uhm Hyo Sup as Lee Seung Hyoo
Park Ji Hyun (박지현) as Bi Yun
Song Soo Hyun (송수현) as young Bi Yun
Kim Jung Hak as Goo Hyung

Kim Ho Jin as Wang Young
Park Hwan Hee as Wang Dan
Yoon Jong Hoon as Wang Jun

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